Pinston Damp – “Making The World Great Again”, is ready for release on June 10th!

The Piston Damp band was formed in 2000. However, the band members remained a hobby project for nearly 20 years. When Jonas wrote SOMETHING IN ME in 2020, the song became the group’s first single and became an international hit.

“Since the release of SOMETHING IN ME in October, we’ve been hearing from fans and media that they want a full- length album, so we’re glad to say we’re finally going to deliver. This includes all three singles now in their full-length versions with ten more songs to round it out.”


Track listing
1. ШУМ (Noise)
2. Hearts On Fire
3. Runaway
4. Something In Me
5. Depth Of Your Eyes
6. Factor Out
7. Never Thought It Would End
8. Making The World Great Again
9. Don’t (Album version)
10. Loose Ends
11. Sacred Secret
12. Testimony
13. Another Pain (Album version)

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