Neptune Rain

Fresh from their BBC Airwaves festival performance, Neptune Rain are delighted to announce their second single release of 2021.

Bitter Pill is a brutally honest track that pulls no punches in opening up about an ongoing battle with severe depression – one which has been exacerbated by the hopelessness and isolation felt throughout the pandemic.

Whilst Neptune Rain have offered up a consistent message of hope throughout their releases to date, lyrics such as ‘resistant to the medicine, I’m staring at the bottom’, and ‘I live on borrowed time’, particularly highlight how elusive hope can sometimes be. Despite this, the final line ‘the only way is up from here’ suggests a desire to continue fighting for better days.

Bitter Pill is released on July 30th, 2021, on all major digital stores and streaming platforms.

You can pre-save the track now on Spotify >>

The band have recently set up a new channel on streaming channel Twitch and will be launching their own fun game show ‘Neptune Games’ featuring guests from the world of music participating in fun games and an interview live every other Sunday. Check out the channel here >


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