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Interview Hocico

Interview 10 Fragen – 10 Antworten

1. Wann und warum seid ihr Musiker geworden?

Because music is the best way to communicate and release emotions to me. It balances all my energies, good and bad!

2. Was sind eure Merkmale? Was macht euch speziell?

I think we brought darkness, aggression and some kind of danger to the dancefloors of the underground music scene.

3. Wer und was hat euch inspiriert?

Musically speaking I have been influenced by bands like Ministry, Suicidal Tendencies, Skinny Puppy, The Klinik…

4. Wer sind eure wichtigsten Vorbilder und warum?

musically speaking I admire people like Al Jourgensen, Trent Reznor, etc… but I have never met someone who has played a role model for me.

5. Wie stellt ihr euch das Hören eurer Musik vor? Wo hört ihr am liebsten??

I imagine my music being listened by a future human society in a faraway exo-planet within 2000 years!

6. Welche Rolle spielen die sozialen Medien für eure Karriere? Wie wichtig ist z. B. YouTube oder Instagram für euch?

They are very important on one side to let our fan community know what we are up to, and on the other side sharing our creations, like video clips, etc… It took us time to catch up with all this social media hype but we do it frequently now and fans appreciate it.

7. Macht Ihr eigentlich noch was neben der Musik?

Family life for most of the time.

8. Was war bis jetzt der beste Auftritt, den ihr erlebt habt?

Hocico @ Wave Gotik Treffen 2002.

9. Wer sollte euch spielen, wenn euer Leben verfilmt wird?

Gabriel Garcia Bernal would do a good job I think.

10. Letzte Frage: Was wünscht ihr euch für die nächsten 10 Jahre, was braucht ihr dafür?

I want to keep the fire alive the following 10 years. I don’t need much for that, only the fucking energy and determination. I wish to keep making music and stay close to family and friends then.

(Bildrechte out of Line und Hocico)
Artificial Extinction
Out Of Line Music
19 July 2019
Steam from overloaded factory smokestacks darken the sky, the infernal heat of a furnace spreads around and lightnings from moaning machine mouths set the atmosphere on fire – „Artificial Extinction“ is the acoustic cenotaph of a humankind executing itself in its madness – and the best and most diverse album in the band history.

Since the debut “Odio Bajo El Alma” Hocico stand for destruction, for darkness and pure aggression. Their kind of industrial has always been dirtier and more venomous, without particulate filter, music, that can only be created by Mexican Devils. “Artificial Extinction” is the highlight in this evolution: The unique Hocico sound is evolved to an even more brutal sound between Dark’N’Bass and Aggrotech. Massively poundingt beats and roaring accelerations show a band that found strength never known before. Available as CD, Double Vinyl Edition in blue and silver and boxset limited on 1000 hand numbered copies including an exclusive Bonus CD with remixes and collaborations, bracelet and certificate of authenticity.

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