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Interview The Ritualists

„I’m with the Painted People“ is the second single off the Ritualists debutalbum, Painted People released on Out of Line Records. Songwriter,Christian Dryden, (also vocals & bass on the track) describes it as a„celebration of finding your kin.“ Dryden explains that growing-up whileattempting to follow in the lofty footsteps of...

Solwein – Neues Video **Waldgespräch**

One-Man Neofolk-Projekt from the Palatinate.Inspired by dionysian soulfulness, solar solitude and autumn-like melancholia.https://youtu.be/QqLT8eS9smc Auf Bandcamp Auf Spotify Auf Facebook

State of Union – mit neuem Video und einer neuen Single! ** Black Flower **

https://youtu.be/k5DJQQlGLkghttps://youtu.be/RrgrdhEB2iI Auf Bandcamp Auf Spotify Auf Facebook

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