18.01. LAZER BEAM – “Sink Or Swim” (Coffin & Bolt/Soulfood)

Lucust French has always been heavy, somewhat demented but never anything less than original. Much like his work with former outfit Burn Thee Insects (formed by French and his father Mitch in 2015) Lazer Beam’s music is practically carved from industry and ingenuity.

Choosing to record his music outside with a generator, just as no two stars are ever the same, for his self-titled debut we’re treated to songs cut in the heart of Prescott National Forest, East Maricopa County, and countless other locations with help of friend and producer Chris Hughes (Burn Thee Insects, KOOK, Phantom Hound).

Spurred on by the history of stoner rock and influenced by bands such as Queens of the Stone AgeDevoRoyal Blood and Arctic Monkeys, with a range of sounds that devour the desert landscape; whilst Lazer Beam might pull inspiration from past experiences with drug and alcohol abuse, thankfully, he now rides high on autonomy and hopefulness.

Lazer Beam brings out the dance in heavy rock & roll music, songs that are faster and more aggressive, while mostly retaining an androgynous voice behind the music.

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LAZERBEAM is on: Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5uA72… Bandcamp: https://lazerbeam.bandcamp.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LAZERBEAMLCF Instagram: Lazerbeamband Can I come into your heart and play this game? Can I come Inside and steal your heart away…? Take you through this trip and start your psycho love… End your peak and as you know it break your heart. Can I come into your heart and play this game? Fathomed in your heart its deeper than it seems… Swim to shore or sink to swim it seems to be… Love isn’t all that it really seems to be… Written by Lucust French Performed by Lucust French Produced by Chris Hughes at 513 Studios in Tempe, AZ LCF 2020

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