Poisoned Hestia “Possessed” 3rd part of the “Horror Series”.

Poisoned Hestia "Possessed"

Release date: 11.12.2020

Poisoned Hestia is about to release a set of three singles themed The Horror Series!
The 2-track issues will become available successively in fall 2020 on all major streaming platforms and digital stores.
#1 Girls on Cemeteries (already available)
Inspired by themes of witchcraft and the occult on the one hand and the sound of dark-wave and post-punk bands on the other, “Girls” is an honest homage to the 80’s with a grainy vintage atmosphere, a catchy bassline, melodic guitar figures and gloomy vocals providing an earworm hookline.
#2 Freaks (available 30-OCT-2020)
Inspired by Ted Browning’s early cult movie “Freaks” and other horror movies from the 1930s, this song comes with aggressive guitars, driving drums and a heavy and scary atmosphere that gives the term revenge the right soundtrack.
#3 Possessed and Das Omen (available 11-DEC-2020)
The chaste goddess Hestia and the movie “The Exorcist” were the inspiration for this. What defines the song is the dynamic between the driving bassline and the anthemic refrain with siren-like female vocal elements.
The b-side track is a special one: a cover version with a wink of the late 80’s pop-classic “Das Omen” by Mysterious Art.
Release dates:
Girls on Cemeteries / Floors of Delusion
Freaks / Cold Sweat
Possessed / Das Omen
11.12. 2020



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