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De Profundis – Spatio Socialis

Paranoia Musique is delighted to release the newest edition of the De Profundis compilation, one of the landmarks of the Brazilian gothic scene.

The history of “De Profundis” is very importante to understand the story of the brazilian dark scene of the 90s. The group’s commitment to share demo tapes, write articles for zines and promote events helped in paving a scene that was spread in different locations across the country.

Their compilations were fundamental in the recognition of several bands that today are references of this scene in Brazil, being collection items kept with great affection by their owners.

And to celebrate the 20 years of the first “De Porfundis” (originally released by Baratos Afins label), the Arcadia Records collective curated the new edition that presents us with 24 names representing this same gothic / post-punk / synth scene that “De Profundis” has been publishing for so long.

The songs wander between the synth beats and basses of electronic and industrial music, adding the striking bass lines of the golden age of global post-punk. Obscure keyboards textures and distorted guitars melts with vocals that chronicle the daily life in large cities. These are the new names (and also some veterans) of this scene:

Andromeda / In Fausto / Lunar Dream / The Downward Path / Mateamargo / Cum Mortuis / Stella Tacita / As Cinzas do Tempo / In Venus / Svartfåglars Begravning / Stenamina Boat / Neutralizze / Herzegovina / Elegia / 1983 / Noturna Régia / Caligvlas / Cubüs / Signo 13 / Nouvelle Vie / Mãos Fúnebres / Vox Lugosi / Dead Roses Garden

The compilation is available on all digital platforms (Bandcamp, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Apple Music, among others) and all sales will revert to institutions that help women victims of domestic violence.

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