Interview with YV SALOME

10 Fragen / 10 Antworten

     1.When and why did you become a musician


At the age of 14, I believe we can consider this age to be the starting point. I started with the guitar and vocals, I also was creating a lot of lyrics, for me lyrics has always been the main instrument of expression. I did it just because I wanted to do it, no reasonable explonations.


3. Who and what inspired you?

Old-school of arts. I mean these times when the aim of art was to link a man to the creator, when art was about feeling what is beyond the material world. I’m getting inspiration from Oscar Wild and victorian England esthetics, baroque music and art of Renaissance.  

2.What are your characteristics? What makes you special?


I guess its the approach I have towards music. For me ist never about sound features of technique, ist always about building that bridge between listener and the world music leads into. So if I’m planning an adventure and I say „I wanna dive deep“, be sure to hold your breath cause you’ll be diving with me.


4. How do you imagine listening to your music? Where do you like to listen?

The same place I create it, so just close your eyes and you are there.

5. Who are your most important role models and why?​

I don’t really have any. Because I’ve never came across anyone I would like to be similar to. I always wanted to evolve what I already have, so I would probably name me myself as a role model.

6. What role do social media play in your career? How important is YouTube or Instagram for you?​

Currently I prefer Instagram to YouTube cause I create a lot of visual content and actually a few years before I got into music I started working as a model and I still like modeling from time to time.

7. Do you actually do anything besides the music?

Yes, I write books and helding online courses. I also study and I’m going to move on with my academic career.

8. What has been the best performance you’ve seen so far?

Lacrimosa. Recent concert of Lacrimosa, it took place in 2019 on March 2nd in St.Petersburg, Russia. Absolutely unforgettable performance due to its energy and atmosphere.

9. Who should play you when your life is filmed?

I would hire any super-smart and happy 12 yo kid J  of any gender and any nationality.

10. Last question: What do you want for the next 10 years, what do you need for it?

Oh, I could sing a song J I just want to move on evolving in every field which is interesting form e, like vocals and music, science and business. I want to discover new horizons of my own self. And I really want to have that place one call home, not just property but real home together with the happy relationships, well if I’ll be lucky enough.               

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