Interview with Dawn of Ashes (Kristof)

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Dawn of Ashes / Kristof

1.When and why did you become a musician ? 

Kristof> I became a musician when I was 15 years old. My first attempt at a band was an amateur Punk Rock band where I first discovered that I wanted to become a frontman. Majority of my life I have been surrounded by inspiration from heavy types of music. I feel like this lifestyle has always been in my blood.

2. What are your characteristics? What makes you special?

Kristof> I feel that everyone has their own unique qualities that makes us our own unique individuals. I am who I am just as others are who they are.  I have worked a lot towards self growth and development. I feel like life just creates many stories. Good and bad. It makes us who we are.  We either are destroyers of the self or creators of our supreme selves.

3. Who and what inspired you?

K.> Musically I am inspired by various forms of heavy and dark music. Horror aesthetics is definitely a huge form of inspiration. My life and how I view our society is  probably the biggest inspiration within my lyrical  content.

4. How do you imagine listening to your music? Where do you like to listen?

Kristof> This may seem like a boring answer but I enjoy listening to my music in my car.

5. Who are your most important role models and why?​

Kristof> Musically Trent Reznor and Hans Zimmer are probably my biggest musical inspirations. They are just musical geniuses. There are a few philosophers and Left Hand Path Magickians that are definitely huge inspirations towards my work in the LHP. Not to sound cocky but, I think I am my own greatest influence at this point in my life.

6. What role do social media play in your career? How important is YouTube or Instagram for you?​

Kristof> Social Media is both a tool of creation and destruction for artists. It has its benefits for great exposure but also has a very toxic outlet. I think they all play their part but can definitely be abused.

7. Do you actually do anything besides the music?

Kristof> I am very active in Martial Arts, Gaming, Reading, and spiritual work. I like to keep myself busy and proactive.

8. What has been the best performance you’ve seen so far?

Kristof> What comes to mind was last years Castle Party Festival in Poland.

9. Who should play you when your life is filmed?

Kristof> Jeez this is a scary question. Maybe Nicolas Cage. Would be interesting to see him all in makeup ha.

10. Last question: What do you want for the next 10 years, what do you need for it?

Kristof> Just to keep on progressing in life. That can mean so much and I feel everyone should have that goal instead of focusing on the bad.
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