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Closure in Moscow

This is the story of how some of the most unlikely musicians in the Australian underground got together under the name Bird's Robe. This scene has been building for years and years. Their various styles of music, including post-rock, prog, and otherwise experimental rock, were featured on many music programs around the world. Bird's Robe includes bands like Sleepmakeswaves, We Lost The Sea & Meniscus, Troldhaugen, Toehider & Closure in Moscow, and Crooked Fiddle Band & Troldhaugen. They all share the same passion for alternative rock and for other While Bird's Robe has been at the heart of a burgeoning scene of experimental musicians based in Australia, this group of bands have been playing at venues and festivals all over the world, and have achieved an impressive level of mainstream recognition, despite the odds. This documentary intends to tell the story of Bird’s Robe Records in an ambitious way, by looking at the label and its artists in terms of their evolution. This show is not just a series of “montage and highlight reels.” This is a show about our experiences living life on the road, and the many difficulties and triumphs that come with it. We’ll talk to musicians, teams, and crews about what it’s like working on a tour bus, and touring the country. We’ll discuss personal challenges and our career choices, as well as the many successes we’ve had. We’ll share our stories of laughter and tears, but also about what it’s like living life on the road. It will be inspirational, This is a true story of one of the world’s great bands, but we didn’t want to just tell their story. We needed to capture the entire story and make sure we had the most important people involved in telling it. We approached everyone we knew to make sure They would participate in the film. Everyone said yes, including some former band members to help with the background and details of the early days. Also, we are working with some big industry players and media companies to make sure the finished film gets maximum exposure. I'm turning to you, the fans, to help me make this a special experience.

MIKE SOLO: “Over 10 years ago, Bird’s Robe Records was launched with a live show in a little club in Sydney called the Excelsior Hotel, along with our first 2 releases. Since then, it’s been a truly incredible ride. Hundreds of shows, thousands of fans & millions of streams (not dollars, haha), for artists who don’t tread a musical path that would be considered conventional.

Closure in Moscow announce new LP pressing & international re-release for ‘Pink Lemonade’ – with actual pink lemonade

RIYL: Frank Zappa, Yes, Captain Beefheart, King Crimson, The Mars Volta, Mutemath

Bird’s Robe – the stats:

5 x ARIA nominations

5 x #1 Independent Albums

5 x ARIA Top 50 Albums

Over 50,000 records sold

Over 200,000 fans on social media

Over 10 million streams online

1,000+ shows over 12 years

100+ releases over 10 years

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