Tim, where are you now? by Sam Rosenthal & Projekt Artists

October 22 would be Timothy Leary’s 100th birthday; to commemorate, Sam Rosenthal recorded Tim, where are you now? an electronic space music/art rock collaboration. The album celebrates a pioneer of consciousness expansion using his own words accompanied by international artists exploring those same realms via their music. With the permission and encouragement of Timothy Leary’s son Zach and the Leary estate, the album’s 13 tracks contain 4 spoken word “trips” with text excerpted and cut-up from Tim’s first LSD and DMT experiences chronicled in his 1968 book High Priest. These voice+electronics segments serve as interstitial anchor trips that arise out of the music now and again. As founder of 37-year-old Projekt Records, Rosenthal helms the label as well as his band Black Tape For A Blue Girl (with 12 albums in the gothic, ambient & art rock genres). Synthesist, songwriter, lyricist and main collaborator, he’s released 8 albums of his music in the last half-decade. For Tim, where are you now? Rosenthal collected musical textures and sources from Projekt-label artists, sonically painting with their colors and his spacey electronics to create the concept album he envisioned. Expansive then inward-looking, the  more


releases October 9, 2020 Your download includes an 8-page digital booklet with lovely artwork! If you are streaming-only, view here: www.projekt.com/store/assets/press/PRO377-small.pdf
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