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Hello and first of all thank you and your music! It’s nice to ask you a few
Thanks for getting in touch Chris, Matteo vDiva Fabbiani here. 
It’s a pleasure to
“meet” you, I’ll be your victim for today!

1.When and why did you become a musician ? 

I’m part of that lucky bunch of people who’s discovered music at a very early
age and immediately knew my life needed it. My father plays the accordion so
I’ve always been around music and I’ve started experimenting with making my
own when I was about 7 or 8. I had one of this toy recorders and I would start
recording myself making “music” or yeah I guess more like a random assemblage
of sounds… surely it wasn’t good but hey, it got me here!

2. What are your characteristics? What makes you special?

Special is such a strong word I don’t feel like I’m really up for it.
As for my characteristics well, to me writing music is a joyful process: I like to
play (or try to) literally everything I can get my hands on, anytime. I’m not a
virtuoso or anything but I manage to find my way around loads of different
instruments and I like to enclose unusual instrument in my music, right now I
have a kazoo sitting on my studio desk waiting for its 15 minutes of glory, I’m
testing stuff like harps, flutes and accordion which I guess it’s a pretty peculiar
choice when you write rock music. Also, I believe in perseverance: if I don’t
feel inspired I still sit there and squeeze myself like a lemon until I eventually
manage to find my inspiration and get it all out.

3. Who and what inspired you?

There are so many things and so many amazing artists and they change all the
My personal hero from when I was a kid was definitely Michael Jackson and I
believe his undeniable talent and multi faceted approach to music definitely
influenced me and the way I relate to music, also it would be completely
hypocrite of me not to mention HIM’s Ville Valo, he’s been a huge influence on
myself back in my 20es, not just for the looks but also the type of music and
the general songwriting style. Right now I’m sorta obsessed with soundtrack
composition so I am heavily inspired by John Williams, last month I went on
some sort of Beach Boys frenzy… seriously there is so much amazing music and
fantastic musicians this list is hopefully gonna keep changing and growing til the
day I die.

4. How do you imagine listening to your music? Where do you like to listen?

I am a music freak so I like to listen to my music in 2 places: my studio
where the sound should technically be at its best and my car cuz my sound
system is so shitty and dated if it sounds okay there it will hopefully sound
good everywhere. As for everyone else this is my very personal tip: listen to
Hell Boulevard through your headphones, loud as you like and doing what
you love the most, that’s the ideal conditions.

5. Who are your most important role models and why?​

This answer is simple and it’s not gonna be badass at all but completely
honest: my family. They are my role models, they thought me to live life
being polite and decent at all times and laugh a lot. I try to apply such
teachings every day, I don’t always succeed because life is not always easy
but I sure try.

6. What role do social media play in your career? How important is YouTube or Instagram for you?​

The importance of social medias in this day and age is undeniable. It’s the
fastest, most direct way to stay in touch with your fans and make new ones.
I gotta say if it wasn’t for the band I probably wouldn’t spend that much time
on social medias on my own but I do enjoy being able to communicate
directly with people in such an immediate way, it feels way more personal
and honest, at least for us.

7. Do you actually do anything besides the music?

I have a daily job which is still closely related to music. I own a video and
photo production company named VDPICTURES, we mainly do music videos
and I suppose we’re quite known in the gothic/metal scene. Between Hell
Boulevard and VDPICTURES I don’t have much time left to do anything else
so I suppose my life is 99% music every day, I’m just lucky that way!

8. What has been the best performance you’ve seen so far?

This is such a hard question!! I had high expectations for the Elton John
concert I was supposed to see in September but obviously it got postponed
to 2021 so please ask me again next year and maybe I’ll have a brand new
answer for you!
So…I had to think hard but I’d say when I saw Hypocrisy live back in Italy at
the beginning of the Millennium (now THAT makes me feel OLD). I still
remember the overall feeling of thinking “ damn they’re so so awesome, this
is what you call a show!”

9. Who should play you when your life is filmed?

Oh okay I guess I never thought of that since now… in a dream world my
answer would be Johnny Depp but I’m not nearly that cool nor handsome,
let’s be real. But I know our guitar player Von Marengo does a great
impression of me and has some acting experience so…

10. What do you want for the next 10 years, what do you need for it?

What I need is definitely time, don’t have enough hours a day to do
everything I’d like to do. What I want aside from the usual things such as
health and happiness is being able to write new music, possibly music I’ll be
proud of even in 10, 20 or 50 years.

11. On the current situation: How do you deal with the Corona Pandemic?
How do you take advantage of the difficult time?

As mentioned before my life is split between my company and the band. As
for the company we’ve been pretty lucky and the pandemic only partially
affected us so I can almost say we’ve been “business as usual”. As for the
band well, that’s a completely different scenery. Like everyone else we had
plans for our new album “Not Sorry” and we had to change them all due to
the current situation: release got postponed, tour got postponed… yada yada
yada, I’m sure it’s the same answer you get from everyone in the music biz
nowadays. However I cannot just sit at home doing nothing so I’ve started
developing new ideas for the next album and I suppose this Pandemic gave
me some extra time to grow as a musician and experiment some new things,
whether successfully or not only time will tell!

Oh yes.... Do I get an autograph? Of course, but let’s do it in 2020 style!
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